UPDATED: April 17, 2007.


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Pittsburgh Fans.


I grew up in Pittsburgh. I'm very proud that I'm from there, and I'm always willing to tell people this, freely and without any embarrassment.

However, when several hundred unintelligent cementheads booed the playing of "Oh, Canada" before Game 3 of the Senators/Penguins series, I wanted to crawl into a hole from the embarrassment.

Pittsburgh's always been a blue-collar town and still very provincal. Pittsburgh fans, for the most part, are die-hards with their teams and do anything to get under the skin of opponents.

But this appalling display goes above and beyond what any person could expect from someone who lives or grew up in the Steel City.

On behalf of the many die-hard Penguins fans who know the bounds of good taste when trying to create the home-ice advantage, I apologize to the fans of Senators, and more importantly, I apologize to the citizens of Canada for this vulgar display.

Playoff Update.


The games have been close, the games have been vicious, the games have been long; this Stanely Cup Playoffs has roared out of the gate. I recently was able to get Versus and am now able to watch at least one game per night, the girlfriend hates it, but she has had her fists pumping up in the air after watching tough scrums and hits (particularly Armstrong on Eaves) and her fast would go agast watching Crosby work as hard as he does.

It's been great to watch the playoffs, so much better than last year. I do find myself a little surprised, though. I didn't think that Anaheim would be up 3-0 against the Wild for the series. I thought that would be one of the only series to reach the 7 game mark in this opening round playoffs. Sami Phalson scares me, or would if I was Gaborik. Sweep?

I'm not surprised that the Islanders have tied up the series, if they can get the next win, they have a shot at beating the Arrogant Briere and his team that Drury leads. Buffalo in 6

It is a tough one in Ottawa/Pittsburgh series, they are all getting fiesty, Comrie playing out of character, huge hits, hardworking shifts. It's nice to see that kind of game, but Fluery looks like a bad Ryan Miller, a yard/meter out of his net and that is fine and well but he should think about squeezing back in there a bit, he has gotten schooled a few times by doing that. Ottawa in 7.

I have attempted to watch the Vancouver/Dallas series, but I did fall asleep in that first game and woke up with drool on my face and on the couch and my beer had surprisingly not fallen to the ground. I'm thinking Vancouver will come out on top.

I haven't been able to watch the series I have been drooling over since last years first round playoffs, SJ v Nashville. There have been suspensions and players playing unbelieveable, a grudematch. Coach's yelling, fighting. I'm sure absurd obscenities. I haven't heard about Big Joe doing anything spectacular, yet. Nashville in 7.

The Devils haven't had the best Broduer in net, Holmqvist hasn't impressed me much, but Denis mut be worse. There has been a lot more scoring from the Devils than I thought, Parise's game winner- nice. Vinny isn't letting me down, he really has shown the amazing talent he has. Broduer will save his team. NJ in 6.

I didn't think that the Rangers would accumulate anything in the playoffs, they were hot at the end of the season and they have beat up on the Thrasers pretty badly. Where is Hossa? NYR in 5.

Calgary? Unless Sutter takes over and whips these lazy, undisciplined players into shape, this team could be swept under the living room rug. Kipper is the only reason they haven't gotten blown out. Detroit in 5.

Anthems in the Soapbox.

"Chris, Reading PA."

Hey I read the soapbox article about the upcoming changes. I'll look forward to seeing them. Enjoy the 2 days off - I must admit being a Flyers fan it is a hard time of year at this point reading anything with hockey.

PS - I know it is not a national anthem, but if you have ever seen / heard the Kate Smith / Lauren Hart rendition of "God Bless America" that is pretty good too. Not the same as time goes on because a lot of people who are at the games do not know who she (Smith) was, but still a highlight for me if they play it the nights we are at games.


When I look at my hockey tickets and see that we're playing a Canadian team, one of my first thoughts is "Oh boy, we get to hear 'O Canada' sung". I think the anthem is a beautiful, simple song. While 'The Star-Spangled Banner" is my anthem, it is notoriously difficult to sing well. I delight in hearing and listening to 'O Canada'. The only way the USA could top it would be to make 'America the Beautiful' our national anthem. I can't sing that without tears in my eyes.

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