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with Alec Brownscombe.

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Throughout this article I will predict the future of several key UFA's.

Without further ado, I will begin.

The Boston Bruins have two of their 700 pound line members scheduled to be unrestricted free agents come July 1st, if the Bruins fail to re-sign them first. That pair is Mike Knuble and Glen Murray.

My prediction stands that the Los Angeles Kings are going to pick up two well known wingers to replace Deadmarsh and Palffy (seems reluctant to return). I believe it will be both veteran Glen Murray and Colorado's Paul Kariya that will fill the void.

Mike Knuble will be the one staying in a Boston uniform out of the pair. Knuble is a younger, cheaper powerforward, which is why odds point to Murray as the one to be on his way out.

To Calgary's first line centreman, Craig Conroy.

I can see Conroy in a Thrashers uniform come next season. Conroy fits what the Thrashers are looking for to perfection. What they are looking for is a veteran centreman who can log a decent amount of minutes. After watching Conroy's show in the Flames Cup run, surely Atlanta is a lively option for the 32-year-old.

Next is Colorado right-winger Teemu Selanne.

Coming off of the worst season of his career (stats-wise), I think returning to where he had his career success is a likely scenario. In hopes of returning to his old form, I wouldn't be the slightest bit surprised to see Selanne back in an Anaheim uniform.

To Zigmund Palffy.

With Kariya and Selanne's imminent depature from the Avalanche, Pierre Lacroix is undoubtedly seeking some new pricey wingers. Palffy fits the bill perfectly. Being arguably the best winger in the free agency market, Palffy will be attracting interest from many NHL teams. Gaining some money with the loss of both Kariya and Selanne, Palffy's paycheck will easily be payable in Colorado.

Mathieu Schneider.

Although rumours strongly suggest a return to Madison Square Garden, I believe Schneider is too important to the Detroit organization to be let go. With Chelios at the age of 42, and several other veteran defenceman showing signs of deterioration, to lose Schneider would be too big of a loss for an aging Red Wings squad.

Eric Lindros.

Not a whole lot to comment on here. Probably remember a few years back when Lindros demanded a trade to the Leafs because he grew up in Ontario and wanted to be closer to home. Bobby Clarke didn't want to accept any offers Toronto were submitting, furthermore sending Lindros to the Rangers. Lindros' urge to return home still hasn't disappeared, which is why it is likely we'll see him in Blue and White.

Ed Belfour.

Eddie the Eagle isn't going anywhere. After an absolutely spectacular playoff run, and with a superior fan base, I cannot think of a relatively reasonable explanation as to why he would leave Toronto. He'll be Blue and White until it comes time for the Eagle to retire."

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